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Skis are more rigid standard range which means that allow us to take them to a higher speed. They are perfect for those skiers who start driving your skis and experience new sensations in blue and red. Our boots for this range are middel range with an index flex approximately 70-80. Appropriate level of school C and D.

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Rental models

Here you can see some of our models for rent:

Head V-Shape V4 XL

Fischer XTR The Curv

Blizzard WCR

Rossignol React 6

Salomon S/Max 8

Nordica Spitfire CRX

Salomon S/Max 8 W

Atomic savor 5

Atomic Savor 5

Nordica Sentra 74

Atomic Vantage 75 C

Nordica Sentra S3

Blizzard Firebird RC CA

Volkl Flair 76

Blizzard Elevate 7.2

Atomic Redster XM

Fischer My Turn 73

Volkl Deacon 7.6

Fischer RC One 77

Rossignol Experience 74 W

Salomon S/Max 6 R

Salomon XDR 76 STR

Black Crows Magnis RT

Volkl RTM 76 Elite

Nordica Transfire RTX

Head V Shape V 4

Volkl Revolt 85

Dynastar Legend W80

Head V Shape V6

Dynastar Legend X80

Blizzard Quattro 7.7

Rossignol Pursuit 300

Blizzard Alight 7.2

Atomic Vantage X 77

Salomon S/Max 4 R

Head Light Joy R

Volkl RTM 76

Volkl Flair 76

Salomon X-drive 80

Salomon Cira

Roxy Dreamcatchers 78

Rossignol Experience 80

Head iShape Pro

Nordica GT 74 CA R

Fischer XTR Pro Mtn 80

Blizzard Alight 7.2

Atomic Punx Five

Atomic Cloud 8

Dynastar Legend X 80

Blizzard WCR

Salomon XDR 78 ST R

Salomon Lagoon

Dynastar Speedzone 7

Atomic Vantage 83 R

Roxy Dreamcatcher 75

Nordica Transfire 78 RTX

Volkl Flair 75

Rossignol Famous 4

Head Shape CX R

Atomic Vantage X 74 R W

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